Aidapt Extra Strong Non-Slip Tray


  • The Aidapt extra strong non-slip tray is lightweight and easy to clean
  • Ideal for transferring meals and drinks around the home
  • Anti-slip coating is ideal for reducing spills when walking with the tray
  • Raised lip for keeping items on the tray

This durable non slip Lap Tray is wood coated with a synthetic resin for extra strength. The non slip lap trays coating prevents items sliding off even when tilted 30 degrees. Not suitable for microwave use. (Pattern may vary.)

What are the benefits of a non slip lap tray?

This extra strong non-slip tray provides a level steady work surface for either reading, writing or eating a meal. Suitable for people with mobility issues or suffer from limited dexterity when holding things in a stable manner.

Its extra strong and durable properties are what make it stand out and set it apart from ordinary lap trays. As this product was manufactured, durability was at the forefront in its design. Can hold a heavy load.

Very easy  to clean after any type of spillage.

Extra strong non-slip tray product dimension

  • Product Dimensions (mm) 287x370x20
  • Net weight (kg) 0.34
  • Colour White with pattern (these may vary)

If you have any questions or would like to know more about this product, please contact us. Please note pattern may vary.


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