Anti Microbial Cup Caps


  • Pack of 2
  • Seals cups, mugs and cans preventing spills and stains
  • Keeps drinks fresher for longer
  • Can be applied with ease
  • Made with a strong anti-microbial construction preventing bacteria from harbouring on the material
  • Each pack contains 6cm and 8cm diameter CupCaps

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We are proud to introduce the Anti Microbial Cup Caps. These are high quality rubber self sealing CupCaps that stretch to fit missing cups or glasses. This product allows you to be independent and mobile by preventing spills when they are shaken or knocked. Perfect for people who suffer from tremors, shaking hands, parkinsons disease or a number of other conditions.

The Anti Microbial Cup Caps are easy to use and clean. Simply place the CupCap over a cup or glass, insert a straw through the purpose made, self sealing eyelet in the centre and you have a virtually spill proof container for liquids.

Made from Tenuras new antimicrobial silicone, the CupCaps are strong, washable and have excellent grip qualities, meaning they can be used many times over.

These Anti Microbial Cup Caps are perfect for children and people with an unsteady grip, protecting furniture, carpets and clothing from spills.

The cap will also keep drinks fresher for longer and can also be used to store the drink in a fridge.

The CupCaps are sold in a pack of two, with one measuring 80mm in diameter and the other 60mm for more choice and flexibility.

Anti Microbial Cup Caps Applications & Uses

This is a highly innovative product, designed to help provide stability and confidence. They can be applied on many many utensils. Including but not exhaustive list:

  • Glasses
  • Mugs
  • Prevent spills
  • Keep drinks fresher for longer
  • Use as storage caps (short duration only)

These cupcaps are perfect for use with any type of cup or glass. perfect for a lovely sunny day, some time at the pool or a BBQ. The uses are endless.

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