Anti Slip Cup Holder


  • Anti Microbial construction, preventing bacteria from spreading on the material
  • Protects from unwanted movement which could lead to spills and stains
  • Can be washed with ease
  • 9cm diameter

Introducing the High quality Tenura anti slip cup holder. With its innovative design and non slip base this anti slip cup holder is the top of its class for durability, quality and hygiene. Say good bye to spilled teas, coffees and juices with this cup holder.

What is an Anti Slip Cup Holder?

This product works just like a coaster but is fitted with a unique bottom to hold the drinking cup in place. This provides stability and ensures that you have an anti slip base wherever you need it.

It also has a protective edge so your surfaces are always safe from hot liquids on the bottom of cups, mugs, beakers and tumblers. It comes with easy removal for cleaning both cup and holder.

They also aren’t just for cups; you can place ornaments on them, use them as sofa coasters or for any other purpose that a non-slip mat would be beneficial.

The cup holders are great drinking aid, keeping your drink safe. It assists when drinking anywhere. The increased surface area of the base means there is more stability when using your mug.

The strong non-slip properties make this cup holder useful for mugs and avoiding spillages of hot liquid, which could cause pain, burns and injury.

Anti Slip cup holder great for indoor and outdoors

This anti slip cup holder keeps the mug in a firmly held position, avoiding spillages. Daily living aids can assist you in everyday life and are fantastic wherever you are drinking hot beverages, especially for those who have Parkinson’s or other disabilities!

It’s also important to mention the hygiene aspects of this anti slip cup holder. The Tenura cup holder has an anti-microbial additive that gives protection against a wide range of bacteria including MRSA, E-coli and Klebsiella and will also protect against mould and fungi.

The cup holder comes in various bright colours in blue, yellow and red. If you have any questions about the product please contact the 1stmobility team.

Anti slip cup holder Applications

  • Apply to the bottom of cups, mugs, beakers and glass tumblers.
  • Anti-microbial additive protects against a range of bacteria.

There is also a handy little video showing the quality of this product. So don’t delay, buy today and benefit from the great service of 1stMobility.



Please note the video shows a wide range of tenura products including the Large Anti-slip circular coasters, the small and large coasters and the square anti-slip coasters. We stock all these products, see below.


Red, Yellow, Blue


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