Anti Slip Fabric


  • Creates a comfortable non slip surface.
  • Non slip fabric Ideal for kitchen, bathroom or living room use
  • Allows objects to sink into the material, preventing all movement.
  • Completely waterproof.
  • non slip fabric for rugs
  • Can be washed with ease.
  • All rolls measure 50cm x 182cm with a material thickness of 2.66mm
Non Slip Fabric
Anti Slip Fabric

This high quality Anti slip fabric is an excellent material for providing stability inside and outside the home. The fabric is washable and completely waterproof. It is perfect for multiple uses and can be used in food areas, boats and other places where there is a high exposure to moisture.

The anti slip fabric comes in three different colours as shown in the picture on the right.

The Anti slip fabric is also beneficial when on the go. Made out of non-slip foam applied to a polyester mesh, this makes it a stable yet comfortable and cushioned non-slip material. This fabric is easy to cut making it easier to carry, as you can then cut and take as much as you need.

The Non slip fabric consists of an anti slip foam which is applied to a polyester mesh. This procedure gives the fabric an excellent stability and flexibility.

The fabric can easily cut to any shape to suit any object or surface. There are 3 bright colours available, white, black and beige, so you are not short on colour options.

It has multiple purposes when on the go, it can be used as additional comfort when sitting on a bench whilst relaxing or having a picnic. Due to non-slip fabrics flexibility, it is easy to fold and carry in your bag.

The non slip fabric can also provide benefits when having a picnic by using it on the table surface to place your food and drinks on for either a cleaner surface or to make everything less prone to slips. It is also suitable for resting your arms and elbows on to increase comfort. A truly flexible innovative product.

Your imagination is the only thing holding you back. Ideal for car boots to prevent things sliding. Perfect for under horse saddles, rugs and as a tray liner and many other things.

Applications for the Anti Slip Fabric

To feed your imagination here are some applications of the non slip Fabric:

Non Slip Fabric
Non slip fabric for use with cutlery
  • Ideal as a non slip fabric for rugs
  • Can be used to provide anti slip properties to Drawers, shelf and tray liners
  • Ideal for work surface and counter top matting
  • Great for holding firm on chair and settee seats and back rests.
  • Excellent for holding objects firm on surfaces that are not horizontal and / or are subject to motion or tipping i.e use as a table mat on boats and in caravans and motorhomes.
  • Works extremely well as rug underlay, as it will stop the rug from slipping while being unobtrusive.

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Beige, Black, White


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