Armchair Headrest


  • British Made
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • Fully adjustable support
  • Complete with velour cover in beige (pictured) or black.
  • 14 day returns policy.
  • Available in black and beige.
  • Suitable for multiple chair types
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Armchair Head rest

With the Rest-a-Head armchair headrest waking up from an afternoon snooze no longer equates to a stiff nick and knotted shoulders. The Rest-a-Head has been designed to support the neck and head when sitting upright in any high-backed chair.

The rest a head armchair headrest has a weighted back and so is easily adjusted up or down and moved from chair to chair. This head rest can improve comfort when sat for long periods of time and is perfect if you fall asleep on your chair.

This item is very popular for those who sleep upright in a riser-recliner or similar.

Fully adjustable up or down for individual comfort and support, a truly relaxing experience while sitting upright watching T.V. or reading. Also suitable for neck support while sat up in bed, simply place the Rest-a-Head over the back of your headboard or into position on your bed.

Can be used with:

  • Riser-recliners
  • High backed chairs
  • Adjustable beds & chairs

Rest-a-Head armchair headrest additional details

The amount of head and neck support can be altered to create bespoke support (please note; cutting the filling makes the item non-returnable). This neck support pillow is designed for use when sitting upright and can even be used for sleep when sitting up in an adjustable chair or similar.

  • Size: 35cm x 17cm x 12cm (13¾” x 6¾” x 4¾”)

The product is designed and made in Britain.

If you have any questions about this product please contact us.


Black, Beige


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