Baby Feeding Cushion


  • Supports breastfeeding to avoid backache
  • Soft cushion to rest the baby
  • Inflatable Nursing Cushion.
  • Soft Cotton Cover in Pink or Blue.
Baby Travel Feeding Cushion
Baby Travel Feeding Cushion

This baby feeding cushion is perfect for those long sunny days in the garden or on holiday. Can be used on long drives, picnics or days out, perfect for travel breastfeeding. It is an Inflatable soft cushion to provide the baby with a soft supporting pillow. It can be used to support breast or bottle feeding. The NHS recommend that nursing mothers should always be comfortable when breastfeeding, preferably through the use of a pillow.

Perfect for travel breastfeeding

This inflatable baby feeding cushion is perfect for travel breastfeeding. A useful tool in  bringing the baby to the right height for feeding and very comfortable. It can be used by nursing mothers to avoid backache and encourages a better posture. It also allows grandparents to help out when bottle feeding the baby on days out.

Baby feeding cushion additional features

The baby feeding cushion also comes with a discrete centre flap. This allows mother to choose preferred side for feeding and move baby easily.

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Pink, Blue


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