Bed Rope Ladder


  • Easy to use and setup Bed Rope Ladder
  • Bar length 190mm
  • Maximum User Weight Limit 127kg (20 stones)

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The bed rope ladder is a simple hoist with plastic rungs of a ladder. This innovative product allows the use of hand over hand movement helping people to pull themselves out of bed. A necessary and innovative independent mobility aid.

Why do I need a bed rope ladder?

The bed rope ladder is designed to help people manoeuvre themselves into a sitting position. With its ergonomic design and plastic rungs the ladder is simple and effective in helping people change position of sit up straight for simple tasks like reading or watching the TV.

The Bed Ladder hoist provides an easy way to sit up or change position in bed; simply attach the cords at the ends of the bed hoist to the legs at the foot of the bed and use the rope ladder to pull yourself up into a sitting position.

If you struggle with pain in your limbs/hand area, it could sometimes be difficult to sit upright and get out of bed by yourself. With this bed rope ladder, life is simply made easier.

Start your day off the right way and reclaim your independence.

Bed rope ladder usage:

The bed ladder is appropriate and useful for:

  • Single or Double Beds
  • Easy to attach to the legs of the bed
  • Maximum weight 18 stone

Bed Ladder Media

The below video review outlines some of the benefits of a bed ladder.


Bed Rope Ladder Additional Details

  • Product Dimensions (mm): 280x190x2850
  • Net weight (kg): 0.286
  • Bar Diameter (mm): 28
  • Bar Length (mm): 190
  • Colour: White
  • Maximum User Weight (kg): 127
  • Maximum User Weight (stones): 20

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