4 Pack Bed sheet grippers/fasteners


  • A 4 pack of durable bed sheet gripper/fastener
  • Great for bed sheet, satin sheet, mattress covers, blankets etc
  • Very easy to use and with the use of clips
  • Made with heavy duty elastic material
  • A perfect fit with every mattress

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These bed sheet grippers are designed to keep your sheets in place while you sleep, making the mattress and the sheet comfortable. If you are a restless sleeper and the sheets crumple up while in bed these could be perfect for you.

No more worrying about messy and wrinkled sheets! They are easy to use and keep your bed looking great at all times.

This pack of 4 bed sheet straps can be used not only for beds but also ironing boards, RV’s, waterbeds, futons etc. Great quality product at a great price.

How do I use the bed sheet grippers?

The 4 pack elastic bed sheet fastener is extremely simple to apply and use. We have broken this down for you in 2 simple steps:

  • Lift the mattress and fasten one clip to the edge of the sheet approximately 10-12 inches from the corner of the mattress
  • Repeat the above for all 4 corners

It’s as simple as that. No hassle, no inconvenience, easily applicable.

If you have any question about the 4 pack elastic bed sheet fastener or would like to know more, please do contact us.


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