Big Button Mobile Phone For The Elderly


  • Uniwa V708 Big Button Mobile Phone With Charging Cradle
  • Dual Sim Card with Bluetooth Functionality
  • FM Radio by Loudspeaker
  • Accessible Mobile phone easy to use
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We are always asked what is a “Big Button Mobile Phone?” and why do I need one?. Difficult questions with no easy right answer. Thus, one of our key products in our line is the Uniwa V708.

This Big Button Mobile phone for the Elderly and visually impaired. A strong sturdy phone with big bright buttons, and a bright screen for easy use and operation.

Why do I need a Big Button Mobile Phone?

This is a great mobile phone for seniors. The phone comes with a standard charging cable it has big buttons and nice big accessible fonts.

This is a very accessible mobile phone, it goes back to basics but keeps a familiar feel. It contains a SOS button as standard in case of emergencies, as illustrated in the image.


Big Button Mobile Phone Uniwa V708
Big Button Mobile Phone Uniwa V708


This big button mobile phone is simple to use, uncomplicated and compact with big buttons, colour display fonts and digits, perfect for seniors, elderly and for those who are visually impaired.

What makes a good Mobile phone for the elderly?

A good mobile phone for the elderly needs to come packed with certain features that enhance ease of use, accessibility and most importantly usability.

As part of this the Uniwa V708 mobile phone is perfect for the elderly and UK senior citizens. So what makes this phone such a great choice?

Practical and Smart  –  For many of our customers a new phone can be confusing and a bit of a minefield. Many of our customers suffer from age-related health conditions like arthritis, memory loss and poor eyesight which make the process of navigating a smartphone difficult.

Thus, it’s important to get your elderly relative a phone that is accessible and easy to use.

 Big Button Phones – Unlike maybe 10-15 years ago many new phones do not come with buttons! Many older relatives and elderly citizens find a button-based system intuitive and easier to use.

Small button phones can be tricky to use. Thus, this phone in situations like this can be a good option.

It is important to note that some older people feel most comfortable with smartphones that feature large buttons on a touchscreen once they get the hang of them.

What are the features of the Uniwa V708?

The Uniwa V708 is a unique Accessible mobile phone designed specifically for the elderly and the visually impaired. It has a unique design along with the following key features:

  • Unlocked – works on any network
  • Dimension: 112.8 x 26.75 x 13.3mm
  • 1.77 Inch Screen – 160 x 128px
  • Large Digits and Display Fonts
  • Dual Sim Card Support
  • Mp3 media player and image viewer
  • Audio Recorder, calculator and alarm functions
  • Inbuilt FM Radio via speaker
  • Torch incorporated
  • SOS Function
  • UK style charger and charging cradle

As mentioned above the Uniwa V708 is an excellent choice as a big button phone. Relatively cheap and comes with a handy SOS button in case of emergencies.

What do I get with my V708 Big Button mobile phone?

With the Uniwa V708 Big button mobile phone is an amazing mobile phone for the elderly. As part of the phone you get a lot of amazing features for a great value price.

If you would like to have a look at what the phone looks like and what is in the box please have a look at the video below:



If you have any questions about the phone please do no hesitate to contact the 1stMobility team. This is a premier phone from Huddersfields premier online mobility company.

1 review for Big Button Mobile Phone For The Elderly

  1. Andy

    Pretty happy with this phone. Its got nice big buttons, can even dial without my glasses! being a technophobe i found the charging cradle surprisingly easy to use. The dual sim feature is pretty useful, not much use at home but handy when on holiday. I did like the SOS feature, can make quick calls to an emergency contact just on one button.

    Also great service by the team. Thank you.

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