Breaking Mobility News January 21

Welcome to the Mobility News January 21 update.  You can read our other mobility news roundups in our advice and guides section.  So far it has been a bit of a rollercoaster for the mobility industry, there’s been a lot going on as of recent.  In the latest mobility news for January, we cover a documentary which exposes hostility, a report on “radical and ambitious disability strategy” & finally we look at the widespread silence from police chiefs over face mask exemptions. 

The Truth about Disability Hate Crime (Documentary)

In Mobility News January 21 we start with a recently released documentary broadcasted on BBC 2 is all about disability hate crimes and demonstrates the need for a wholesale change in attitude towards disabled people. The documentary entitled “Targeted: The truth about disability hate crimes” has been received with critical acclaim and shows a different perspective on the treatment of disabled people. The documentary highlights the treatment of disabled people and brings to the public consciousness a recognition of the importance of disability inclusion.

The documentary features the stories of five disabled survivors of targeted hostility. The shocking details of the case show how they were treated and how disturbingly  no one has been bought to justice.  In one of the cases the victim highlights the abuse and sickening treatment that they received. The victim in question details how she was attacked and suffered a fractured skull due to the horrific assault the insensitive being displayed upon her. 

One of the victims, with a protected name of Ailsa is a wheelchair user and a former nurse.  During the documentary she discusses how for many years she experienced vile criticism and has been accused on multiple occasions of faking her disability. Things became so bad that she was forced out of her own home and escorted by police into a temporary accommodation.

This hard hitting documentary gives these marginalised people a voice, to express and bring forward their lived experiences and chances to put forward their stories and experiences. Mobility News January 21 found this to be a hard hitting series really focusing on providing the public with the relevant knowledge to understand that not all disabilities are seen and emphasises disability inclusion. 

Mobility News January 21: A radical & ambitious disability strategy

As part of this edition of Mobility News January 21 a new report has been released by the disability rights UK & is based on the views of hundreds of disabled people and organisations, applying pressure to the Government to produce a national disability strategy which is “Radical and Ambitious”. It follows a three month engagement campaign which discovers how disabled people want society to change. 

Among the report recommendations are calls are calls for the equality act to be extended and made easier for disabled people. Recommendations itself include the reform of  both the benefits and social care systems, action on accessible housing and for Governments and transport organisations to produce improvements to public transport. 

Thats it for this week as part of Mobility News January 21. If you have any comments about this piece or feel that we have missed something please contact us.


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