Bright Reflective Dog Leash


  • Nylon bright , lightweight and reflective
  • Comes with an extra strong harness
  • Reflected by the vehicle lights
  • Soft and easy for dog walking
  • Easy and comfortable to wear and remove

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This bright reflective nylon dog leash is affordable, bright and easy to clean. It is comfortable for your pet and is  great for everyday walks, especially now that the days start to get shorter.

The nylon leash allows visibility for dogs when walking in the night, whether that be an early morning stroll or a night time walk.

This bright dog leash generally offers lots of safety options. It comes with a two-in-one design, bright and reflective. Although it does not light up on the leash, it is reflected by the vehicle when it is illuminated by the lights.

Most good websites recommend a good quality harness when taking a dog for a walk. This provides that quality, a comfortable walk for you and the dog.

This dog lead is designed so you can walk your dog with  the additional option of allowing it  to roam freely and remaining visible from a far distance. Recommended for all types of dogs.

Additional dog leash details:

  • Material: Nylon
  • Suitability: Perfect for occasions such as walking, jogging etc

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