Children Cutlery grips


  • Anti Microbial Properties
  • Make meal times fun
  • Bright colours
  • Easy clean and use

These Children cutlery grips made from silicone are ergonomic in shape and designed for use by small hands.

Like with our standard cutlery grips, children’s cutlery grips will increase grip and comfort for the user. But, at only 98mm long and 45g in weight, they will be more comfortable for smaller hands without any additional strain. Suitable for use with various utensils such as cutlery, pens, paint brushes, toothbrushes and more.

Children cutlery grips hygiene properties

The easy insert makes removing and inserting items very easy. Tenura children’s cutlery grips are also washable by machine or hand and will not harbour bacteria due to their anti microbial properties.

These children cutlery grips are available for sale in packs of two in colours choices of red, blue and grey. They can go really well with some of our non-slip fabrics.


Red, Grey, Black

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