Comfort Cushion


  • Lightweight and easy to use. Portable to carry around with you on trips
  • Can easily fit into your bag and doesn’t take up much room
  • Comes in a blue colour
  • Expands as you blow into it and provides the user with a comfortable experience

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The comfort cushion is an ideal product for those who suffer from back pain and lower body pain. The product itself support the user with the back and eases back position on chairs or any other hard surface. Perfect indoors or when out and about or going to an outdoor event.

How to use the comfort cushion?

The appearance of the comfort cushion is waved with air inside and is extremely convenient and comfortable for the user. It is the best product for tour and advisements or even a trip to the local stadium to keep your back off the hard seats. Your could place the comfort cushion and watch your favourite sports comfortably.

You must squeeze the valve when you puff or discharge. The product is very lightweight and compact and is easily portable. It just requires a blow and the cushion will expands ready to give you a comfortable experience in whatever you’re doing.

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