Cutlery Strap Holder


  • The Cutlery Strap Holder is Ideal for people with limited grip, mobility and dexterity
  • The Utensil Strap holder is designed to go through the loop on the handle on the cutlery
  • Suitable for a bendable spoon, fork, and knife dining aids.
  • Can work well with our cutlery grips

The Utensil Strap is an ideal dining aid for people with limited grip. The Cutlery hand straps slips through the loop on the handle of the bendable spoon, bendable fork and rocker knife dining aids.

To use the strap holder simply attach the strap to the utensil and slip a hand through the loop. The product is large enough to fit on most hands

What are the benefits of the Cutlery Strap Holder?

This Utensil Strap is an excellent assist that will help users gain mobility and independence.

This excellent utensil hand strap is amazingly easy to install and will fit almost any hand. It is compatible with any Bendable Cutlery.

The lightweight nylon material is highly durable while still being extremely easy to clean.

Utensil hand strap product dimension

  • Product Dimensions (mm): 125x40x5
  • Net weight (kg): 0.01
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Strong, easy to clean nylon material

If you have any questions about the Cutlery Strap Holder or would like to know more about this product please contact us.


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