Egg Cup with Suction Base


  • Egg cup with non slip base is supplied in pairs
  • Ideal for one handed users
  • Perfect for keeping the egg cups in place
  • Supplied in pairs

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1stMobility would like to introduce the egg cup with suction base, perfect for eating and dining alone as part of an independent experience. These ingenious pair of Egg Cups come equipped with suction technology on the base of the product  to keep the egg cups in place while eating.

This is an ideal kitchen aid as part of an independent  dining experience aid for one-handed users or those with limited mobility or dexterity. The product comes in a pair and offers great value. The suction base is perfect for use on most non porous surfaces such as plastic, melamine, polished wood or on a dish

What are egg cups with suction base?

Applied to the bottom of the egg cups is a suction base which makes it easier to stick to surfaces and hold in place. This allows for one handed eating & provides that extra bit of independence when needed.

If you have limited ability/ dexterity with the upper limbs, this product is ideal. The plastic construction also allows the egg cups to be thoroughly washed in a dishwasher.

How do I use the egg cup with suction base?

Assemble the base with the suction disc. Once you do that you are then going to want to push on the cup and locate it on the two pegs.

Egg cup with non slip base additional information

  • Overall size (mm): W60 x H65
  • Diameter (mm): 47
  • Weight (G): 45

If you have any questions about the egg cup with suction base or would like to know more about how the egg cups work please contact us.



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