Ergonomic Garden Hand Fork


  • Ergonomic garden hand fork glides smoothly through soil
  • Colourful design which makes it easy to find amongst other tools
  • Doesn’t require such a firm grip
  • Easy use and extra added support within the wrist area
  • Option to add arm support cuff

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This particular garden hand fork has benefited from a design makeover giving it a more ergonomic shape and a funkier look. Designed with a specially angled handle making it supremely comfortable for use.

For extra added support, an arm support cuff can be plugged into the back of the tool allowing you to use the strength of your forearm too!

Avoid straining your hands by resting your hands frequently and change jobs to vary the action needed. Stop work before you get too tired.

What is the garden hand fork used for?

When we discuss garden forks, we have two types. The long handle pitch fork & the hand garden fork. Both are similar to an extent.

The long handle pitch fork is mainly used for loosening, lifting & turning soil in farming and gardening. When covering a large circumference of soil, this pitch fork is the ideal one to be using for ease.

The ergonomic garden hand fork is designed for  the same purpose but mainly used on smaller grounds with less of a surface area to cover.

Ergonomic garden hand fork additional details

  • Product dimensions (mm): 135x90x250
  • Net weight (kg): 0.32
  • Colour: Green/Yellow

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