Extreme Grip Adhesive Mats



  • Extreme Grip adhesive mats available in two colours
  • Provides a strong tacky surface which will help to prevent all movement
  • Perfect for use with trays in any number of environments
  • Ideal for high movement areas such as motorhomes, cars or Boat interiors
  • Can be washed with ease
  • Will adhere to a surface instantly, creating a strong non slip surface
  • Measuring 20cm x 20cm with a material thickness of 3.7mm



Tenura Extreme Super Grip Adhesive Mats are ideal for, as it says on the tin, more extreme use, mainly for when you need grip on the move, ideally for motorised scooters, boat interiors, wheelchairs, cars and motorhomes.

These revolutionary new super grip adhesive mats will grip ( depending on object height ) at quite steep angles meaning you will not have to worry about things slipping when you need them to stay put!!

Upon removal, they will leave no residue on the surface they were removed from.

Additional grip adhesive mats details

Grip mate available in two colour choices, at a size of 20cm x 20cm, clear for a more aesthetic appeal, and green for the more visually impaired, or for people who just like green!

Please note: Unfortunately Tenura Extreme grip mats are not eligible for VAT exemption.


  • Tray liners
  • Vehicles, mobile homes and boat interiors
  • Holding objects firm where movement, jolting and/or tipping is likely

If you have any questions about this product or would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact the team.

Dimensions 20 × 20 cm

Clear, Green

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