Face Pillow for front sleepers


  • Unique design with¬†Deep air channels to keep head cool
  • Convex design for easy breathing
  • Great for front sleepers
  • Great for stomach sleepers
  • British Made with 2 Year guarantee.

What is a face pillow?

This amazing high quality face pillow is a unique pillow for sleeping if you are a stomach sleeper or a front sleeper. It comes with a unique convex allowing you to breathe easily on either side and the deep air channels help to keep your head cool. This is a UK manufactured product so you can be assured of quality.

Face Pillow
Face Pillow

A very low / shallow / thin pillow for multiple unique applications including post – surgery and other specialist uses. The tailored depth and sloped sides of the pillow reduce neck pain associated with front sleeping whilst still allowing you to breathe.

This is a high quality pillow for front sleepers, made and manufactured in the UK by Putnams. It also comes with a removable zipped cover.

Additional details on the pillow for front sleepers

Have a look at the manufacturers video for more details:

Size: L36cm x 35cm x D9cm (14″ x 14″ x 3.5″)

Please contact the 1stMobility team for more details on the product


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