Gel Toe Protectors (2 pack)


  • The gel toe protectors are designed with a padding for protection against the big toe/sensitive¬† area
  • Helps protect bunions from stress & impact of walking
  • Discreet design for wearing under socks and hosiery
  • Ideal for everyday use and washable with a mild detergent

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What is a Gel Toe Protector

The Gel Toe protector is worn over the big toe providing cushioning and protective padding. The gel sleeve protects the sensitive area of the toe from impact and stress.

Its discreet design enables it to be worn under socks and hosiery. It is ideal for everyday use. Universal size. Can be hand washed with a mild detergent.

How to use the gel toe protectors

This particular product can be used on any toe & come in a pair, perfect Bunion protector and reduce pressure on blisters.. Simply place the toe protector under the sensitive area and go on about your day. If you walk a lot or try remain active but blisters/ bunions get in the way, then this product is for you.

It’s a simple and easy solution to pain free walks. Once under the sensitive area, the product should remain attached until used. Use either hand wash or mild detergent when cleaning.

Additional information

  • Product dimensions (mm): 65x54x10
  • Colour: Clear
  • Size: Universal

If you have any questions about the gel toe protectors or would like to know more about this product, please contact us.


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