Travel pillow


  • Inflatable window pillow
  • Contains suction pads
  • Attach to a car, plane or train window
  • Soft cotton top – hand washable.

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This ingenious travel pillow is perfect for those long distance journeys. Designed to be inflatable and stick to windows it can be used on any mode of transport with a window! In the view of Tortuga a good travel pillow is a must.

This is where this inflatable pillow excels. Easy to use and easy to attach It can stick to any glass surface with its innovative designed suction pads. The travel pillow offers a really supportive relaxing rest for your head.

No more stiff necks when waking up after a long haul. This gives “the Window Sleep” gives a new dimension to comfort while sitting in a window seat.

Travel pillow additional details

The suction pad holds the inflatable pillow in place meaning it is easier to sleep upright whilst also reducing neck and back pain.

  • Size: H28cm x W24cm (11” x 91/2”)

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