Keyboard for Visually Impaired


  • High Contrast Keyboard with large yellow letters
  • Large print letters easy to see and type
  • Keyboard for visually impaired uk
  • Waterproof: Designed with drain holes to protect against spillage
Keyboard for Visually Impaired UK
High Contrast Keyboard

This large print high contrast Keyboard for Visually Impaired is specially designed and developed for individuals who are visually challenged or partially sighted.

Unlike other expensive ergonomic keyboards this comes with a numerical keypad and is waterproof. It also goes really well with our ergonomic mice.

Why do I need a Keyboard for Visually Impaired?

For people who are visually challenged the letters on a standard computer keyboard are small and can be hard to see and interact with. In scenarios such as this a keyboard for the visually impaired is a simple solution to a complex problem.

The purchase of a High Contrast keyboard which large print letters is ideal in assisting you with technology. The large print letters come in upper- and lower-case sets.

In addition, people with impaired vision who are learning to type often find it difficult to locate keys accurately on a standard-sized keyboard.

The bright yellow keys that come with a High Contrast keyboard and the large print letters help alleviate the eye strain associated with using a computer keyboard.

What are the features of this Visual Impairment keyboard?

The letters and numbers on a Keyboard for Visually Impaired are four times larger than those on standard models. It’s bright, vibrant and bold, with a spill-resistant design.

This keyboard is resilient and packs a bit of a punch, as well as being an excellent keyboard for visually impaired in the UK it has the following:

  • High-quality Keyboard with large bright yellow keys with black lettering.
  • Waterproof: Designed with drain holes.
  • Fitted with a USB lead which simply plugs into a USB port on any Mac or PC.
  • Fully compatible with both PC and Mac, this keyboard has a UK/British layout.

If you have any questions about the Visual Impairment keyboard please contact the team.


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