Light Touch Pen


  • Requires minimal pressure to write
  • The Pen is built up with a textured surface making it easier to hold than standard pens
  • Product Dimensions (mm): 150x15x15
  • Colour Green

What is a Light Touch Pen?

The Light Touch Pen is a large, comfortable writing aid for those who have trouble gripping due to a loss of dexterity or sensation in their hands. With its ergonomic design and soft touch this pen is an amazing mobility aid for those who want their independence when writing.

The Aidapt VM961 Pen is popular with users who suffer from dexterity issues or individuals who find gripping difficult. The pen is especially ideal for individuals who suffer from arthritis. In addition individuals who find gripping a normal pen for writing to be difficult or painful may find this product useful

What is the benefit of the pen for Arthritis Sufferers?

Featuring an ergonomically-designed body to provide a larger area to grip during writing, this ballpoint pen also has a removable lid and attached pocket clip.

The pen is extremely lightweight and easy to use and grip. Simply place in your hand and glide along the paper. This agility is the key difference between the pen for Arthritis and a normal ballpoint pen. In addition the Pen is built up with a textured surface making it easier to hold than standard pens.

If you have any questions about the Aidapt VM961 Pen please get in touch.



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