Lightweight Reacher Tool


  • The Reacher is very useful and handy to pick up tools without straining the back.
  • Lightweight grabber is Easy to use and portable to carry around on walks
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Ideal for picking up objects within the household or even rubbish
  • No more unnecessary bending

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This Lightweight Reacher tool is specially designed to support individuals with their reach. can be used for multiple purposes but it essentially stops you from putting additional pressure and strain on your back.

This Lightweight Reacher is an excellent tool for those individuals with back pain and or other ailments. You can use this tool to release the pressure on your back.

It can be used to pick up more or less any lightweight objects such as:

  • Mail
  • Papers
  • Rubbish
  • Keys
  • Remote control etc.

It is easy to use with a trigger handle to operate the grabber. You can use the reaching tool both indoors and outdoors and is lightweight and easy to carry around.

The jaw of the Reacher is made from metal and can keep a hold of heavier objects . This product is ideal for those who suffer from back strains.

Additional Lightweight Reacher Tool details

  • Length: 96cm
  • Weight capacity: Less than 1KG
  • Material: Plastic handle & metal grabber
  • Colour: Red from the end of the Reacher & black stick
  • Use: Picking and grabbing objects/ rubbish

If you have any further questions or would like to know more about the lightweight grabber, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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