Long Handle Toe Cleaner


  • Long handle toe cleaner is an ideal bathing aid for those who struggle to bend down
  • A lightweight design & a long handle
  • Supplied with 2 replacement sponges
  • Takes the pressure out of cleaning your feet and toes.

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The long handle toe cleaner is an ideal bathing aid for users who struggle to bend down. Its long handle and soft sponge allows the user to wash their feet and toes more easily. It has a lightweight design and easy-grip handle .

This product is perfect for individuals who suffer from a bad back, low mobility or dexterity issues.  Takes the pressure out of cleaning your feet and toes.

This long handle toe cleaner has been designed with independence at the forefront of its unique design. The bottom of the handle provides improved grip so fingers can are nicely aligned when in use. Also has a strap to avoid dropping.

Why use the long handle toe cleaner?

If like a lot of people in the UK you struggling with back pain, cleaning parts of your feet and legs may be difficult. Especially in this case, cleaning the toe may be more or a stretch. This product is a perfect accompaniment to our foot brush.

This long handle cleaner is equipped with a sponge on the end and bristles to the side for an effective and through clean. You won’t have to bend over as much with this product at hand.

Take the back pain out of cleaning your feet and ankles while bathing with this long handle toe cleaner. If you have any questions about the long handle toe cleaner or or would like to know more please contact us.


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