Lumbar Belt – Adjustable Back Support


  • Class 1 Medical Device (CE)
  • Perfect for lower back problems
  • Contains a heat deflective pad
  • Comes in three sizes
  • Perfect for injury prevention
  • Excellent for pain relief

This High Quality Lumbar belt is perfect for people who suffer from lower back pain, muscle strains, spasms or any other types of injuries or recovery after surgery. This adjustable belt comes in three different sizes and contains a heat deflective pad.

What is a Lumbar Belt?

It is a robust product providing stability, firmness and heat for the lower back. Lightweight and breathable with 4 stage hooks and loop fastenings and sewn in flexible stays. This differs from other lumbar belts with its innovative heat deflective pad. Warming the muscles and relaxing them is a good method to alleviate lower back pain.

What is clear that in our life lower back muscle problems will impact us all at one time or another. This product can help prevent problems or alleviate pain.

How to Prevent lower back muscle problems?

Guarding the back using support belts or braces is a good idea for those who have a lower back muscle strain, joint sprain or lower back muscle spasm. If you are unlucky to have back pain and want to keep your independence and mobility then back supports belts such as this are a great help. Back belts are commonplace in most jobs where heavy lifting is required.

Lumbar belt Adjustable
Lumbar belt with Heat Pad

A good lumbar belt is worth its wait in gold and can play a significant role in minimising potential lower back muscle strain, problems or issues. When they are properly applied they can deliver support and heat to prevent injuries. A poor approach to back health and support can lead to muscle strains, spasms, sprains and disc problems. For some, this can mean better recovery or be a lifeline to those who need to keep going when your back pain normally prevents daily or work activities.

This innovative belt comes built in with a pocket for a removable heat deflective lumbar pad. This pad  increases abdominal support for the spine and improves posture. Ideal for sporting activities.

The Lumbar Belt comes in three key sizes:

  • Medium: Up to 91cm (35 ¾”)
  • Large: Up to 107cm (42”)
  • X Large: 117cm (46”)

*Removable heat deflective pad is not to be heated. Simply place in pocket and feel warmth.*

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Medium, Large, Extra Large


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