Lumbar support for Car


  • Premium product for car back support
  • longer strap for extra adjust-ability
  • Good Lumbar support
  • British Made
  • 2 year Guarantee.
Lumbar outline
Lumbar support outline

This is a High Quality adjustable Lumbar support for Car. Can be used for the lower and upper back. The lumbar cushion is designed for use in the car with adjustable strap that loops around headrest.

As you can see from the image on the right the shape and design of the product is perfect for the curvature of the Lumbar. Can also be used for good posture when driving.

This is a premium product which does not compromise on quality. It also comes equipped with a longer strap for extra adjustability.

lumbar support for good spine health

It’s clear that poor posture stresses the spine when sitting for extended periods. Scanning the body regularly to make small but helpful adjustments can minimise strain on the spinal structures.

Car back support Duo
Car back cushion

As suggested by medical specialists when travelling good posture is key for good spinal health. The seats on airplanes, buses, and cars cannot accommodate every body type, and many do not include adequate lumbar support.

A lumbar cushion such as this one can be placed behind the lower back to maintain healthy posture and minimise severe flare-ups of pain.

Conversely use both inserts for a more pronounced back support.

Additional Information on the Lumbar support for Car

The Duo’s curved shape supports the lumbar region, relieving back-ache and making journeys more comfortable. At 28cm wide it’s an ideal width to fit into the centre of both older and modern car seats.

It also comes equipped with an adjustable strap which loops over the cars head rest. One size does not fit all and this gives you the extra adjustable aspect.

  • Size: W28cm x H21cm (11″ x 8 1/4″)
  • Complete with Black velour or Woolly Cover

If you have any questions about this product please contact us.


Black Velour, Creamy Wooly


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