Magnifier for Reading


  • Ideal for users who struggle to read small print when reading newspapers and large documents
  • The Small sheet magnifier is lightweight and flexible
  • Reading magnifier provides a 2x Magnification
  • Portable, easy to use & ideal for travel

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The Sheet Magnifier for reading is suitable for enlarging text on books, maps and newspapers. This is a perfect visual enhancement tool made from lightweight plastic with a PVC base. The reading Magnifier provides 2x magnification.

What is a Magnifier for reading?

This particular product is useful for individuals with a visual impairment. Whether it’s a newspaper or a book, reading hasn’t been made so easy. It’s the perfect solution to overcome your reading difficulties.

The reading magnifier is very to use. As you are reading, move the magnifier along with your reading pace to make it easier for you to see the words clearly. It an also be useful for detailed craft activities.

The product works really well with some of our other work aids, especially our keyboards for the visually impaired. The Reading Magnifier can be used for work or leisure, it is handy and small and can be carried in a small bag. Perfect for travelling.

Small sheet magnifier Additional Details

  • Product Dimensions (mm): 13.5x148x245
  • Net Weight (kg): 0.06
  • Colour: Black

If you have any questions about the Magnifier for reading or would like to know more about this  product please contact us.


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