Travel Mattress Topper – Luxury Travel

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  • 2.5cm of premium Memory Foam which is perfect mattress topper for travelling
  • Made in the UK
  • Internal, white, zipped, removable cover (Poly-cotton).
  • Includes a Black draw-string travel/storage bag.
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Travel Mattress Topper
Travel Mattress Topper details

The memory foam Travel Mattress Topper is an essential item for the great outdoors and for those who love travelling. Designed and sculpted to make the great outdoors a reality for those people who suffer from back pain.

This is the perfect product for going camping, upgrading the uncomfortable caravan bed or as an addition to the spare bedroom.

A number of medical research articles over the years have confirmed that Back and neck pain can intensify when traveling. This is mainly down the the stress placed on the spine and its intricate network of muscles, joints, and discs.

Why do I need a Mattress Topper?

Lifting, handling luggage as well as sitting can have significant effects on the back. Hence, this high quality premium product is a simple and value based product which will help you drift off into a peaceful nights sleep no matter where you are.

Easy to use, simply unroll the travel mattress topper from its travel bag (included) and drift off into a blissful sleep.

An added benefit to our memory foam topper is that it smoothes out any lumps and bumps in your mattress.

Recommended for use with existing mattress. Ideal for trucks, camping, caravans, motor homes, camper vans, vans, boats, yachts, carp fishermen etc

Comes with a draw-string, stretch travel bag for easy storage and removable (zipped), white, poly-cotton cover over the memory foam for easy washing.

Travel mattress topper sizes?

Mattress Foam Topper Sizes
Mattress Foam Topper Sizes

The memory foam topper is available in two sizes to support back care and alleviate back pain:

  • Single 190cm x 91cm x 2.5cm (75” x 36” x 1”)
    Rolled up: 34cm x 48cm. Weight: 2.4kg

  • Double 190cm x 137cm x 2.5cm (75” x 54” x 1”)
    Rolled up : 36cm x 68cm. Weight: 3.6kg

Not in the size you need? Email the team and we will cut down to size (bespoke items are non-returnable). Please also allow 1 – 2 extra days for delivery as the custom sizes need to be professionally cut. There is also a  £5 cutting charge applied by the manufacturer.

A mattress topper for travelling

This mattress tapper is a great travel companion. While the Innovative mattress topper can help alleviate stress and provide comfort for your back. Good back care is always encouraged. Hence the focus is always on prevention rather than the cure!

Here at 1stmobility we focus on helping you develop a comfortable independent lifestyle.

  1. Good back care requires you to keep moving. Regularly stretch and if you are sitting change your position if possible every 30 mins.
  2. Do simple movement exercise when seated to stop your back from getting stiff. Sitting in one place for too long can cause your back pain to get worse.
  3. Manage stress, ask for help, plan ahead and practice deep breathing techniques

If you have any questions about this product please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Single, Double

1 review for Travel Mattress Topper – Luxury Travel

  1. David S

    Really comfortable and was perfect for my camper van. Excellent service from the team. Thank you.

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