Memory foam Kneeling Chair


  • Posture chair promotes active sitting
  • UK Made Kneeling Chair
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Perfect for working from home or in the office
  • Beech natural wood frame
  • Height adjustable
  • One adjustment for height one adjustment for angle
  • Available in four colours
Posture chair Coccyx cut out
UK Made Kneeling Chair

Kneeling chairs are new too many office environments, but over the last few years they have become a bit of a mainstay. Chairs that are designed to ease those day-to-day aches and pains experienced by so many office workers around the world.

On first Glance they don’t look very much like how we would expect a chair to look. The idea behind the very un-chair-like design is that it positions you with an open hip angle with your bottom and thighs supported by one pad, and your knees and shins supported by another.

This ‘kneeling’ position eases your hips forward to encourage a more upright posture to better align your back, shoulders and neck.

We are proud to introduce the memory foam kneeling chair voted as the Best chair when sitting for long periods as voted for by the Writers Forum’s Magazine August 2019. This is a high quality chair which does not compromise on quality and comfort.

This chair is the memory foam version of our current line. You can also purchase the standard Posture Kneeling chair. We also stock this chair in various cutouts, have a look at the Coccxy chair which is available in standard and memory foam versions.

Is the Memory foam kneeling chair good for you?

There are some differing opinions as to whether kneeling chairs are ‘good for you’ or not.

Moving regularly is good for you. It breaks you out of static positions that slow your body down and put pressure on you lower back, neck and shoulders. Sitting for long periods of time also slows the metabolism, which reduces the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, and break down body fat.

Introducing kneeling chairs sometimes also known as a posture chair as a seating option in the office is a good way to encourage more movement. Kneeling chairs promote ‘active sitting‘. Because there is no back support, the core muscles are required to work to remain upright.

The design of the memory foam kneeling chair promotes good posture naturally by tilting the pelvis forward and in doing so correcting the spine into a natural and painless ‘S’ shape.

This chair is a stylist alternative to a standard office chair and is available in black, blue, grey and beige.

How do I use the Kneeling chair

When using a kneeling chair it is important that your bottom should be carrying the bulk of your weight. The knee pad is there to act as a support for your shins and (to a lesser extent) your knees.

When first sitting in your kneeling chair you should begin by sitting on your kneeling seat, before moving into the kneeling position with the bulk of your weight on your bottom. It’s important to vary your position frequently during the day.

Kneeling chair assembly

Designed to be used while working at a desk, our Posture Chairs encourage “active sitting” and improved posture, correctly aligning your spine for fatigue-free sitting. They are ready assembled on a sustainable beech frame and are fully adjustable, allowing maximum comfort for short and tall users. This is a high quality UK made kneeling chair, truly a premium product.

The chair is fully adjustable at two points: one for your height (distance between seating and kneeling pad, via allen key) and the other for the height of desk you are sat at (the larger wooden “hammer”).

One adjustment for height one adjustment for angle.

  • Minimum height :¬†5ft 3
  • Maximum weight :¬†15 stone
  • Size:¬†H 73cm x L 73cm x W 47.5cm (all measurements taken from widest points).

This video explains the importance of good and active sitting and how this chair can help. This is a review of one of very many happy customers:


Black, Blue, Grey, Beige


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