Memory Foam Wave pillow


  • Made in Great Britain
  • Memory Foam Wave pillow
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Contoured Grooves
  • Includes stretch cotton Jersey cover.

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Over the last ten years the technology around the Memory foam Wave pillow has come a long way. Going from a fashionable item to a bare necessity in many parts of the home.

In general Memory foam wave pillows claim to cradle your head and neck for optimum comfort, but there was a time when many of them – certainly at the cheaper end – felt like sleeping on a brick.

The silver lining is now there is a huge range of decent memory foam wave pillows to choose from. Many have their own advantages and disadvantages. What is clear is that more and more people swear by them for a good nights kip.

What is the memory foam wave pillow?

The development of memory foam is shrouded in mystery. Urban legend has it that NASA invented memory foam in the 1970s to cushion the astronauts on space flights. While NASA may not have had a direct hand in its development one of its engineers Charles Yost is credited with the invention while under contract with NASA in 1966 to use in airplanes.

Yost dubbed the viscoelastic foam “temper foam,” and marketed it primarily for medical use. The viscosity of the foam allows your body heat to soften the pillow which supports your head differently from conventional pillows, helping alleviate neck and back pain. The memory foam wave pillow came from quite illustrious beginnings and is now a staple in the home.

The memory foam contoured pillow is designed for long journeys (The moon is 384,000 Km away from earth!) It was NASA that first introduced memory foam back in the 1970s to improve seat cushioning and crash protection for aircraft seats.

Memory foam contoured pillow additional details

Moulding to the body in response to heat and pressure, it allows for a completely even distribution of body weight.

Then, once the pressure is removed, it returns to its original shape, but “remembers” the shape of your head for the following night. Whether you want to treat or prevent joint pains and back problems or help with conditions such as sleep apnoea. In this regard we view the memory wave foam pillow is a godsend.

The memory foam contoured pillow is a super soft pillow, the wave design on the upper surface of the pillow reduces pressure to the face letting you have a restful nights sleep.

The contoured grooves on the pillows surface also allow heat to move away from your head reducing temperature build up.

The pillow has both a lower and higher side allowing the user to choose the side most suited to their body type and sleeping preference.

  • size: 55cm x 39cm (Max Height: 15cm)

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