Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard


  • Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard with a split keyboard for a comfortable typing position
  • Slim, contoured design looks stylish on your desk
  • Ergonomic keyboard with improved cushioned palm rest
  • Hot keys feature

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Speed up your workflow and type in comfort with the Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard. The slim, sleekly contoured black Ergonomic Keyboard is designed to help you work all day in comfort.

Why do I need a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard?

According to the American Institute of Stress 12 percent of workers complained of aching wrists and poor circulation in their hands and shoulders. In many cases the culprit of the pain was poor posture and or their computer keyboard and mouse.

In cases such as this an ergonomic split keyboard takes hand, arm and wrist strain out of the equation to reduce workplace stress.

The amazing design is structured to reduce the risk of fatigue, RSI and injury thanks to the improved cushion, palm rest and ergonomically-designed split keyboard layout.

You’ll find it easy to adopt a natural, supported typing posture. Enjoy built-in shortcuts to improve your working speed, including dedicated function keys for Office 365, emojis, search and media controls.

This product fits perfectly well with our wired or wireless ergonomic mouse from posturite.

Wired Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard

  • Dimensions: 487.7 x 262.4 x 60.7 mm
  • Weight: 1020 g
  • Connection:Wired USB 2.0, low speed, Type A
  • Compatibility: Microsoft windows 10, Limited functionality with windows 8.1 / 7
  • Hot key features: Favourite keys (1/2/3), media keys (Mute/Vol+/Vol-/Music/Previous Track, Play/Pause/Next Track), Calculator, Snipping, TaskView, SysLock, Search


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