Mobile Phone with Large Numbers


  • Uniwa M271 Elderly Mobile Phone
  • Dual Sim Card
  • Bluetooth Functionality
  • Loud Speaker
  • Mobile Phone with Large Numbers

This Mobile Phone with Large Numbers is perfect fo the Elderly and visually impaired. It is the Uniwa M271 phone, a world leader in its class. A lovely sturdy phone with bright clear large number. really easy to use and dial.

This is very similar to the other range of Uniwa phones we stock, specifically the Uniwa V708 which comes with a few more features.

The phone comes with a standard charging cable. This is a very accessible mobile phone, it goes back to basics but keeps a familiar feel. It contains a SOS button as standard in case of emergencies

It’s simple to use, uncomplicated and compact with big buttons, colour display fonts and digits.

Functions of Mobile Phone with Large Numbers Uniwa M271

The Uniwa M271 is a unique phone designed specifically for the elderly and the visually impaired. It has a unique design along with the following key features:

If you have any questions about the phone please do no hesitate to contact the 1stMobility team. This is a premier phone from Huddersfields premier online mobility company.


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