Mobility Car Handle


  • Universal Mobility Car Grab Handle
  • Swiss army knife of car mobility
  • Provides a steady and stable grip for getting in and out of your car
  • Size: 7cm x 11Cm x 18cm
  • Made up of high grade Aluminium/Carbon steel/ ABS with a rubber grip
  • Comes in a bright red and black colour
  • Built-in LED Flashlight (Batteries not Included)
  • 4 Key Functions


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Mobility car handle
Mobility car handle

This mobility car handle is a must have accessory for those people who value their independence and mobility. The car is an essential tool for modern life and crucial to keep our social circles going.

In 2013 there were 4 Million drivers over the age of 65. Age should not be a barrier in mobility. Hence this tool helps those people who have stiff muscles, trouble twisting or stiff joints this could be ideal in helping you get into and out of your vehicle.

How do I use the Mobility Car handle?

Thus, getting in an out of the car is becoming a bit of a chore. Especially for those who have bad backs, poor walking ability, have been involved in accidents or have just grown old.

Get in and out of you car with ease.  With a non-slip grip the car handle fits securely into the door latch of your car allowing you to get a steady grip when required.

The car handle can double up as an emergency tool with built in seat belt cutter and hammer feature to break glass in the case of emergency

This tool is a lovely low cost solution for getting in and out of the car easily and steadily. It acts as a solid and stable “get in and out of car handle”.

Key Features of the Mobility Car handle

The beauty of this handle is that it does not just act as a “handle”. We like to call this the Swiss army knife of car mobility. The innovative design and shape of the handle encompasses four key tools which help you get in and out of cars safely.

Mobility car handle
Mobility car handle
  1. Built-in LED Flashlight for dark nights when fumbling with keys
  2. Window smashing tool in case of emergencies
  3. Seat belt removal tool
  4. Upright support aid

It comes with a forged aluminium construction, with a strong handle preventing falls.

Car Grab handle additional details

Please allow 1-3 cm (0.4-1.18“) difference due to manual measurement. The package comes with one battery for the flashlight.

For any questions on this product please contact the team.

3 reviews for Mobility Car Handle

  1. K.Kong

    I suffer from a bad back and recently have struggled to get in and out of the car. This little tool has been a great help. It’s easy to store down the side of the compartment door and easy to use. Makes getting in and out a lot easier. Also thank you to the 1stMobility team for such quick and fast service.

  2. D Hirst

    Excellent little handle providing lots of support getting in and out of the car. I was a bit dubious about it at first but it has been a big help with my bad back.

  3. A Bie

    Very happy with this item, its made it so much easier to get out of my low down sports car, so I am more than very pleased, thank you

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