Breaking Mobility News November 2020

In the latest mobility news November issues we cover the impact of the second lockdown on the disabled community and those who struggle with their independence. We discuss the corona virus vaccine in further detail and we finally look at how Kendall Harvey adapted to using a rollator.

Mobility News November: The second lockdown

Before the government introduced the second lockdown in the UK there was a lot of controversy and worry on how this might impact the quality of life of the people in this country but also its impact on the economy. As many questioned the need for a second lockdown, there was a lot of worry on how it may impact on the most vulnerable on society.

In relation this the Disability news service reported as follows: “the disabled community are treated as afterthought again as the UK prepare to go into its second lockdown” [1]. There is a lot of worry and angst in the disabled community at the moment and many feel they have been neglected by the government during this pandemic.

The lack of empathy and trust has troubled many disabled campaigners who are not vocally spoke out against this intolerable neglect, saying that the timing of this second lockdown is irresponsibly late given the large increase in cases. The UK government’s failure to acknowledge disabled people as a priority despite nearly three – fifths of Covid related deaths has also shocked many campaigners and disability groups [3] [4].

Mobility News November: The Covid-19 Vaccine

The second issue to discuss in the Mobility news November roundup is the controversial and for many scary topic of the Covid-19 vaccine [4]. Ever since the inception of the pandemic, much discussion has come around providing the world with a vaccine. Many people have had mixed emotions and thoughts about a vaccine for a virus that’s been around for a few months. The vaccines that have been put forward have been extensively tested and trialled by some of the biggest healthcare brands in the world. 

However, it seems that when it comes to priority many campaigners feel that the disabled community should have earlier access to any released vaccines. John Pring from the DNS argues that the disabled and elderly community are being neglected and treated as “disposables” as the Coronavirus vaccine priority list plummets them right down to the bottom.

The JCVI have released a provisional ranking for vaccine priority and can be viewed here [4]. The priority list lays out who can access the product and when. For example in this case any individual under the age of 50 and has a disability could be waiting months before receiving an adequate vaccine.

Mobility News November: Kendall Harvey & her new Rollator 

Kendall Harvey is a mother of two trying to navigate life with a rare genetic condition known as Freidreichs Ataxia [6]. One of the main symptoms include increased weakness in the legs and struggles to walk. At first, Kendall didn’t make too much of it as her positive attitude was keeping her going. However, as time went on, her symptoms increased and got worse which resulted in her having to purchase a rollator.

At first she just bought any rollator to assist with her walking but after some use she quickly realised that the rollator she had did not fully meet her requirements. That’s when she purchased her first three wheeled rollator.

According to Kendall, the three wheeled roller was “smaller when folded and could be easily lifted into and out of her car”. Her inventory of mobility aids has now grown and has thus built a vast collection. Throughout her life and the struggle she’s experienced, she has advice for those needing a mobility aid:

  • Be patient in finding the right one for yourself. Think of situations you’ll need help and buy the right mobility equipment to assist you in them situations.
  • To remember there is no shame in accepting help. Doing what you need to do to stay safe, independent and active is brave.
  • Whatever you feel about your device is okay. It’s what you choose to move forward with them feelings are what matters.

That’s it for this month. We will hopefully have more news for you next month. If you feel we have missed something or would like to write for us, please contact us via our contact form.


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