A Lack of balance is a serious problem in the UK at the moment. According to the Institute of Aging a lack of balance is a common complaint to the GP.  Poor Balance can lead to a lack of confidence, which could impact on your social life, it could have a detrimental impact on your independence.

Hence, walking aids, whether a rollator, tri-walker or just a trusty walking stick, provide an invaluable helping hand for those unsteady on their feet. Rollators are the sturdiest of the bunch, with 4 rolling wheels as opposed to the 3 you will find on a tri-walker (Available on the menu to the left). A good Quality rollator provides more points of contact with the ground and as such can support more weight as you walk.

All our rollators are fitted with brakes and ergonomic handles. The handles are ergonomically designed and thus perfect for those individuals who suffer from arthritis.

All our Rollators are easy to use and store. Many of them come with a handy bag and or storage seat. We have something for everyones taste.


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