Nail Clipper for visually impaired


  • This nail clipper for visually impaired is lightweight and compact
  • Reduces the risk of injury or clipping the nail too short
  • Easy to use nail clipper comes with a removable plastic cover for improved grip
  • Ideal for use as a toenail clipper or a fingernail clipper

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The Nail Clipper with Magnifier (Magnifying Glass) is ideal for use as a Toenail Clipper or Fingernail Clipper and the removable, hinged magnifier can help to make trimming nails easier and safer.

While the function is much like standard toenail clippers, the Nail Clipper with Magnifier has a removable plastic cover for improved grip.

The magnifier attaches to the top of the clipper magnetically and can be positioned for a clearer view of the nail, reducing the risk of injury or clipping the nail too short. Its a real handy little tool, easy to use and very clear.

Nail clipper for visually impaired additional details

  • Product dimensions (mm): 93x92x19
  • Net Weight (kg): 0.3
  • Colour:  Green/White
  • Diameter (mm): 39
  • Overall height (mm): 120

If you have any questions or would like to know more about this Nail clipper with a magnifier please contact us.


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