Orthopaedic V shaped pillow

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  • Premium quality Triangle shaped pillow ideal for after surgery, pregnancy, acid reflux, etc.
  • Choice of multiple covers
  • Great elevation body support with a 2 year guarantee
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This orthopaedic v shaped pillow sometimes also known as the Orthopaedic V Cushion, a banana pillow or boomerang pillow is ideal for both sitting and sleeping. Its unique V shape style provides orthopaedic support and comfort around the back and sides of your neck.

This large Triangle shaped pillow is also perfect solution for supporting your shoulders while on a tablet, reading, resting or watching TV.

V Shaped Pillow
orthopaedic v shaped pillow

The Triangle shaped pillow is made from a soft polyester fibre for comfort and ease, perfect for relaxation in bed.

What is a V shaped pillow used for?

The V Shaped pillow provides great support for elevating the upper half of your body, this additional elevation can help with respiratory problems and acid reflux. It can also be a great help and support for pregnant woman.

The Triangle shaped pillow is ideal post surgery, suitable for back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. Can also be used for leisure activities for example reading in bed or watching television.

This v shaped pillow provides a high level of shoulder comfort, great for pregnancy and an ideal Pillow for sleeping sitting up or evening sleeping in a chair. Can also be use under legs in bed to stop slipping down.

An ideal Triangle shaped pillow that is good for nursing mums with a newborn. If you’re like the majority of us and always struggle to get comfortable in bed you can use it for slide sleeping.

What is the difference a Orthopaedic V Cushion and a normal cushion?

The banana or boomerang pillow is quickly becoming a common option among pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers etc. However what makes this pillow so popular and how does it differ from  normal pillow?

1 – Support – It is a great support pillow and easy to use once propped into position. No need to continually keep adjusting

2 – Elevation – Great for elevating the top half of the body. Perfect for cradling the neck and head

3 – Rolling over – Using a regular pillow won’t prevent you from rolling over or turning to your side. The sides of a v-shaped support pillow however will keep you from rolling over.

4 – Back Pain – The upper portion of the v shaped pillow provides neck support while the sides cradle the back perfectly keeping the spine aligned thereby alleviating pain.

What else do I need to know about the orthopaedic v shaped pillow?

The v shaped pillow comes with a number of options which you can select from the drop down menu. You can choose from the following options:

  • No cover
  • Super soft cream velour
  • White waterproof cover

The waterproof cover is breathable, stretch and waterproof. Polyester coated polyurethane. Machine washable at 95 degrees Celsius, conforms to BS7175, Crib 5 (suitable for hospitals and nursing homes).

If you have any questions about the v shaped pillow please do not hesitate to contact us.


No Cover, Supersoft Velour, White Waterproof

1 review for Orthopaedic V shaped pillow

  1. S Taylor

    Amazing pillow. Really quick delivery and very well packaged. This is the first time I have purchased a pillow at this price point but it was well worth it. Its super comfortable and not too soft. It has done wonders for my neck, it feels so much less stiffer! It is also great for sitting up in bed, reading, watching tv etc.

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