Portable Leg Lifting Strap


  • Portable Leg lifting strap, ideal when recovering from a leg injury, hip surgery or suffering from arthritis.
  • The leg lifter strap safely increases mobility after surgery
  • Anti Slip Feet Loop
  • 120 cm Nylon strap Reinforced by a durable braid rod

This amazing Portable Leg Lifting Strap is a perfect assistive mobility aid to support individuals with leg movement and mobility. Can be used as a tool to help you recover from an accident and injury and is ideal if you have limited feeling in your leg.

In addition we think it is a perfect tool to support you for getting in and out of your car (Car mobility handle is a good accompanying tool) or getting out of bed or recovering from a Hip Replacement operation.

What can I use the Portable Leg Lifting strap for?

The leg strap has an amazing application range, perfect aid to help individuals who are recovering from a leg injury, hip surgery or people who suffer from arthritis. With its unique design the Leg lifting strap allows the impacted leg to be softly and easily manoeuvred into place.

Also a great tool to rebuild mobility and muscle, but mainly designed to safely reposition your leg on  on a bed, wheelchair, or even in a car. Light weight and in small size, easy to store and carry.

Can help patients move their legs easily without bending down, practical for use.

Applicable for people with limited mobility or people who cast plaster on their legs, make it easier for them to move their legs on the bed, car, wheelchair.

Leg Lifting strap car
Leg Lifting strap car and Bed example

What are the features of the Leg Lifter?

There are a couple of key features which help develop independence and mobility.

1 – The Leg Lifter Increases Mobility. If you are undergoing physical therapy or occupational therapy the leg strap safely increases your mobility without putting too much pressure on your hip or leg. This is especially crucial if you are recovering from hip replacement surgery or other hip or leg injuries. 

2 – The Leg strap has an Anti Slip Loop design. Designed to ensure the foot does not slip through, the rigid foothold loop is large enough to accommodate any size foot or cast, with or without shoes. The rigid loop also allows the foot too easily be positioned without bending over. Reducing pressure on your hip and back.

3 – The portable leg strap has durable strap webbing. Reinforced by a durable braid rod, the 120cm nylon strap maintains its rigidity to easily lift and reposition the leg. The nylon hand loop creates a comfortable and secure grip for repositioning the leg. The foothold is flexible but rigid to easily conform to the foot or shoe for a secure fit.

4 – The Portable leg lifting strap is easy to carry and store. The leg lifting strap is lightweight, small in size and easy to carry and store.

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