Posture Kneeling Chair


  • High quality hand made kneeling chair as Featured in Writers forum magazine
  • British Made with a 1 year guarantee
  • Perfect for working from home or in the office
  • Promotes good posture with a natural Beech natural wood frame
  • Height adjustable
  • Available in four colours
Posture chair Coccyx cut out
Posture Kneeling Chair

One of the best posture kneeling chairs you can buy. This is an innovative and high quality product recently voted as the Best chair when sitting for long periods as voted for by the Writers Forum’s Magazine August 2019. This is a high quality chair which does not compromise on quality and comfort.

This ergonomic chair is an ideal investment for any company or individual. This chair helps to reduce back pain which can improve well-being and productivity. This posture kneeling chair is ideal when working at a desk. The chair encourages “active sitting” and improved posture. The ergonomic design allows for good posture which correctly aligns your spine for fatigue-free sitting.

The posture kneeling chair comes ready assembled on a sustainable beech frame and is fully adjustable (Allen key required). Good posture is encouraged by the tilting of the  pelvis forward. This corrects  the spine into a natural and painless ‘S’ shape.

This chair is a stylist alternative to a standard office chair and is available in black, blue, grey and beige. The chair has two adjustment points one for height one for angle.

How do I use the Posture Kneeling Chair?

When using a kneeling chair it is important that your bottom should be carrying the bulk of your weight. The knee pad is there to act as a support for your shins and (to a lesser extent) your knees.

When first sitting in your kneeling chair you should begin by sitting on your kneeling seat, before moving into the kneeling position with the bulk of your weight on your bottom. It’s important to vary your position frequently during the day.

How to assemble the hand made Kneeling Chair?

Designed to be used while working at a desk, our Posture Chairs encourage “active sitting” and improved posture, correctly aligning your spine for fatigue-free sitting.

They are ready assembled on a sustainable beech frame and are fully adjustable, allowing maximum comfort for short and tall users. This is a high quality UK made kneeling chair, truly a premium product.

The chair is fully adjustable at two points: one for your height (distance between seating and kneeling pad, via allen key) and the other for the height of desk you are sat at (the larger wooden “hammer”).

One adjustment for height one adjustment for angle.

  • Minimum height :¬†5ft 3
  • Maximum weight :¬†15 stone
  • Size:¬†H 73cm x L 73cm x W 47.5cm (all measurements taken from widest points).

This video explains the importance of good and active sitting and how this chair can help.

Posture Kneeling chair measurements

  • Minimum height : 5ft 3
  • Maximum weight : 15 stone
  • Size: H 73cm x L 73cm x W 47.5cm (all measurements taken from widest points).

 Kneeling chair media:

More information can be found on this video from the manufacturer:

Please note these chairs are high quality hand made kneeling chairs and thus have a slightly longer dispatch time than some of our other products. Please allow on average 3 days extra before dispatch. For any questions on this or any other products please do not hesitate to contact the 1stMobility team.


Black, Blue, Grey, Beige


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