Seat Belt Helper


  • High Quality Aidapt seat belt grabber
  • Suitable for car drivers or passengers with weakened hands or wrists
  • Effective in supporting people with stiffness in the back, neck, shoulder or hips
  • Colour: Black

This incredibly easy to use Seat Belt Helper, sometimes also known as the seat belt grabber has been designed to assist people when putting on their seat belts in the car. Simple, easy with an ergonomic design, an ideal tool to help with mobility and independence.

What is a Seat Belt Helper?

This easy-to-use seat belt grabber from Aidapt is a simple and effective solution for car drivers or passengers with weakened hands and wrists. It is also an effective tool for individuals who suffer from stiffness in the back, neck, shoulder or hips.

This clever personal aid reduces the need for twisting and stretching. Ideal for people with restricted movement, sore backs or shoulders, the Seat Belt Helper will fit on both left and right-hand seat belts so can be used for drivers and passengers alike.

This tool goes really well with our Mobility car handle. The Seat belt grabber helps to secure your seatbelt while the Mobility car handle helps you get in and out of the car. Two great products at really great prices.

How to use the Seat Belt Helper?

To use the Seat Belt Helper simply fit product over an existing seat belt making it much easier to retrieve and preventing the need for over twisting or stretching.

Simply clip the sturdy, rubber Seat Belt Grip onto left or right-hand seat belts, grab the attached handle and pull.

The video below describes the process in a lot more detail:

As you can see, the seat belt grabber is really easy to use. Efficient, safe and flexible.

Seat Belt Grabber Details

  • Product Dimensions (mm): 235x100x7
  • Net weight (kg): 0.048
  • Colour: Black
  • Main body material: Rubber

If you have any questions on the seat belt grabber please do get in touch.


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