Self Adhesive Grip Strip


  • These grip strips provide a strong self adhesive backing
  • Excellent non slip properties
  • Can be used as a permanent non slip surface
  • Comes in a roll format allowing a diverse range of applications
  • Available in a 1m x 20cm roll, with a material width of 0.5mm
  • Comes in bright blue

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With this self adhesive grip strip we aim to try and promote independent living by giving you the confidence to tackle tasks which require grip. With these grip strips many tasks which seemed difficult are now obtainable. Have a look at our video for some examples of how the self adhesive grip strip can be used.

The causes of hand weakness are numerous, and range from the fairly common and innocuous to the downright serious. Along with natural ageing, a weak grip can also result from acute injuries such as broken bones, sprains or burns. This silicone adhesive can provide that extra bit of grip in the garden in the home or when driving. Allowing you to keep a little bit of your independence and mobility.

This is a 0.3mm thick adhesive silicone strip which allows it to be permanently attached to its intended surface.  Simply peel off the paper backing and press to secure. It can be cut to size with ease giving you a wide range of possible applications! The self adhesive grip strip are available in blue.

Self adhesive grip strip applications

The adhesive silicone strips have a wide range of users. You are only really constrained by your imagination. If you need to hold something firmly then this grip strip is the product for you.

We do recommend that the product is very useful for the following applications:

  • Shelves, desks, tables
  • Worktops and breakfast bars
  • Tool benches and toolboxes
  • Clinical evironments such as labaratories, dental practices and hospitals. The self adhesive none slip silicone reel works well for adding a more permanent grip onto products like door handles and screwdrivers.

There is also a video which shows the grip strip in action:

As you can see the product is really flexible, hygienic and very useful. If you would like to discuss this product please do contact us.


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