Self adjusting Pillow

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  • Innovative three layer technology perfect pillow for neck pain
  • Suitable for a variety of issues related to sleeping pains
  • Helps to maintain a straight spin and an excellent pillow for side and back sleepers
  • Available in standard foam (soft, springy) and memory foam (firm, slow release).
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What Pillow is best for me?

This innovative and unique self adjusting pillow is new from Putnams and we think its a godsend! Here at 1stMobility we are asked on a regular basis “which is the best pillow for me?” This is always a tough question because there are so many issues and variables to consider.

No longer do we need to “umm and ahhh” as thankfully Putnams have now released the self adjusting pillow. The amazing Self-adjusting Pillow takes the guess work out of buying a pillow, allowing you to select the right height pillow for you.

Made with the amazing “Putnafoam” tailor your pillow to your neck and back. This is the perfect pillow for neck pain or a great solution for side and back sleepers.

Why is a good pillow important?

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When sleeping it is important to maintain a straight spine. Sleeping with your spine in alignment, will reduce neck and back pain as well as headaches.

This is where the Self adjusting Pillow excels above others in the range. Our self adjusting pillow has a top core layer and two optional removable layers that can be removed or added to suit you. The three layers are adjusted in the following manner:


Self adjusting Pillow
Self adjusting Pillow
  1. Top core layer (9.5cm – 3 ¾”)
  2.  Removable layer (3.5cm – 1 ¼”)
  3.  Removable base layer ( 2cm – 1”)
In total there is a luxurious total thickness of 15cm – 6” can be achieved for side sleepers that need more shoulder support.

Why is the self adjusting pillow different from a normal pillow?

Its also important to note that research suggests that a poor quality pillow which is not developed properly for your neck and spine curvature can cause more harm than good. This self adjusting pillow with its luxurious foam is a class above the rest.
The pillow with its unique design is a perfect pillow for neck pain. Helps to reduce pressure and stress on the neck. Also great for individuals who prefer a pillow for side and back sleepers.
It comes with the following as standard:
  • Ear recess for side sleepers (reduced ear soreness) ideal for Chondrodermatitis nodularis chronica helicis (CNH) sufferers.
  • Contours on pillows surface for improved ventilation.
  • Groove for shoulders when on back and side (for optimal support).
  • Includes stretch, poly-cotton, removable cover (that fits all three layers).
  • Recommended for use inside a normal pillow case.
  • Pillow Max Dimensions: 58 x 33.5 x 15cm (23″ x 13″ x 6″)

This is an amazing pillow, if you have any question please contact the team.


Standard (SOFT), Memory Foam (FIRM)

1 review for Self adjusting Pillow

  1. K.Muir

    The three layer pillow really helped me to get comfortable. Really helped with my neck.

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