Sero Navy Waterproof Cushion Covers

From: £12.99

  • Suitable for all our cushions including cutouts
  • Navy Colour
  • Waterproof cushion covers
  • British Made.
  • 14 day returns policy.
  • Zipped & washable.
  • Breathable

Spare cover for the Putnams Sero Pressure Cushion range including all cushions with cut outs (Coccyx, bonyparts, Dr Huff & Polo), Armchair and Deluxe sizing.

These are waterproof covers in Navy Blue. They all have zips which allow them to be removed from the cushion and washed in the machine. They are suitable for all our cushions with a fabric that is stretchable and  breathable.

This waterproof cushion covers is also for outdoor use as well as indoor. Made from fine fabric material.


Type of Cover

Standard Waterproof Cover, Deluxe Waterproof cover, Armchair Waterproof Cover, Armchair Deluxe Waterproof Cover

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