Silicone Jar Opener


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This silicone jar opener provided by 1stMobility makes opening jars an easy chore. The Silicone grips allow the user to attain a good, comfortable grip without applying too much pressure. The lack of pressure applied by the customer causes far less discomfort to the joints. No jar will go unopened again!

The silicone jar opener is non-toxic due to the silicone rubber construction. This lack of toxicity makes it suitable in kitchens and clinical areas, so you can have ultimate peace of mind.

Silicone Jar opener
Silicone Jar opener

The complete surface of the Tenura rubber jar opener allows it to be used on other objects with an uncomfortable surface, such as taps, so they can be gripped and operated more efficiently.

Make no mistake this is a high quality product up to the toughest of jobs. In our view this is an amazing product and one of the best jar openers for arthritis

The product is available in multiple bright colours as pictured.

Silicone jar opener applications

  • Assists in opening twist top bottles and pill containers of all shapes and sizes.
  • Can also be used to provide extra grip and purchase on other items around the home or workplace.
  • Useful for people with arthritis or any condition that weakens hand grip.
  • Can be used in environments were a high hygiene standard needs to be maintained.

The video below gives some real life case studies of how this video can be used for maximum impact on your daily life.

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1 review for Silicone Jar Opener

  1. B. Lee

    I broke my wrist playing football a few years ago and have since then sometimes struggled to opener tight bottle caps. This has made life a lot easier. Thank You.

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