Sock Dressing Aid


  • Put on socks with little effort
  • Easy to use help with putting on socks
  • Ideal for individuals who suffer from back pain or having troubling bending down
  • Lightweight, easy to use and very flexible

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The sock dressing aid is designed for those who struggle to bend, twist or  just generally have bad back pain. This  product is the perfect mobility aid to help with putting on socks. Providing leverage and support to give you that extra bit of independence when dressing yourself trying to put on your socks.

For many of us putting on socks is something we do instinctively, without even really thinking. For those of us who do struggle with this task the sock dressing aid is perfect for rediscovering your independence and mobility. The Sock dressing aid has a long strap which assists the user to easily put on socks removing any frustration.

How do I use the sock dressing aid to help with putting on socks?

Simply Place the pliable Sock & Stocking Aid over the sock or stocking. Insert the foot into the sock/stocking opening and move it down to the bottom of the sock/stocking. Pull the Sock & Stocking Aid up the leg using the two cotton straps.

This will simultaneously pull the sock or stocking up. When the sock/stocking is dry, carefully remove the Sock & Stocking Aid. For additional information, please click here.

Sock dressing aid additional information

  • Product dimension (mm): 235x110x85
  • Net weight (kg): 0.06
  • Colour: White

This product works well with a handy long shoe horn or the clever little sock slider.

If you have any questions about the sock dressing aid would like to know more about help with putting on socks please contact us.


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