Sock Slider easy and convenient


  • Sock slider is easy to use and only takes a matter of minutes to slide socks on and off
  • Compact in size and light to carry, handle comes into use as a shoe horn
  • The convenient sock aid is used for a variety of different sized socks
  • Stress and frustration removed that can come with sock dressing

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The sock slider consists of a sock cradle and a long handle with teeth that will help you slide your socks on without bending, twisting, straining or turning. The fast & easy to use sock slider assists too putting on & taking off your socks comfortably, ideal for those with limited movement.

Designed to help with your independence and make your daily living easy and convenient.

What is a Sock slider?

A Sock Slider is perfect for elderly people or those that have mobility limitations that would prevent them from being able to bend over and put on socks or shoes. Also works with individuals who have bad backs. Some of the feedback from our customers has been excellent with this product.

It also helps people who have suffered a back or leg injury, making recovery a bit easier and reducing the chance of a repeat injury.

As for pregnant women, the simple act of putting on socks can become a real chore in the later months of pregnancy, forcing you to rely on the help of others. Sock Slider helps you with this simple but essential everyday task.

What can I use the Sock Slider for?

The unique cradle design expands and holds your sock open in the perfect position so all you have to do is slide your foot in. Easy to use simply place sock on the cradle, lower cradle to the floor and slide your foot in.

The detachable long handle also helps you take your socks off. It can even help you put your shoes on by holding them in place while you put them on. No more bending.

It is perfect for helpful dressing aid for those with:

  • back, knee or hip pain,
  • decreased flexibility (overweight, pregnant, etc.)
  • Or with limited hand strength/dexterity.

One of the best things about the Sock Aid Helper/Slider is how compact and portable it is. That means it can easily and quickly be picked up and packed away and used anywhere you need.

When it comes to storage, the compact dimensions mean it hardly takes up any space at all. You can also use the handle as a shoe horn if needed.

The convenient sock aid is versatile and works on dress socks, casual socks, athletic socks and even compression socks. Packs up easily for compact storage or travel.

It is proven to be a great gift for the elderly men or elderly women, pregnant women, disability. Moreover, you can purchase for yourself. It is the best gift for you to provide convenience.

Additional shoe and sock helper details

  • Dimensions: 12 x 24 x15
  • Weight: 0.3 KG
  • Body area: Foot
  • Colour: Blue
  • Material: Plastic

How to use the sock slider device

Please have a look at the Sock Slider advertisement/usage video below:

If you have any questions about the sock slider please contact us.


1 review for Sock Slider easy and convenient

  1. J Smith

    I use one with long socks and it helps me due to my bad hip. Great service from the team. All really helpful and quick communication. I

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