What is the best sleeping position?

A common question that we are asked a lot here at 1stMobility is “What is the best sleeping position?”. This is a really difficult question, many people have their own preference or comfortable spots. Many of our customers also love sleeping in the foetal position, one of the most popular positions for sleeping.

What we are confident is that best sleeping position may differ for each individual. Thus, in this weeks blog, we are going to outline the different types of sleeping positions & their benefits along with utilising the right tools to gain the most from your sleep.

A good sleeping is essential for waking up refreshed and ready for the day. On average the normal person will spend about 1/3rd of their life sleeping.  As part of this it is crucial that we understand the importance of sleeping on a proper mattress as well as implementing the correct sleeping posture to ensure we overcome any neck, back, shoulder or hip problems.

It never fails to amaze us at 1stMobility how people are happy to pay up to £1k for the latest smartphone but ignore their sleeping habits.

The best sleeping position

You may ask yourself from time to time, what is the best sleeping position for me? Alongside the foetal position the most common sleeping postures are sleeping on the back, on either side or the stomach. Each of these positions have their benefits & downfalls depending on your condition. A good example for this is individuals who suffer from sleep apnoea.

They are advised to sleep on their side rather than their back as this could alleviate the problem. Pregnant women for example are also advised to sleep on their left side to aid with blood circulation.

Memory foam Knee pillow helps with the best sleeping position

Back pain while sleeping has proven to be an issue for many individuals across the UK. It may be down to a number of reasons but for many the root cause of back pain stems from the positions we sleep in. Thus Sleeping positions for back pain is crucial in developing a good quality of life.

If lying on your back is uncomfortable, try shifting to your side. When sleeping in this position make sure your right or left shoulder is in contact with the mattress along with the rest of that side of your body. You may also find it to be beneficial utilising a specially designed pillow between your knees.

Finding a Sleeping positions for back pain might take some time but sleeping on your side alone won’t completely tackle the root cause of back pain but it will alleviate pressure by using the pillow in between your knees. This allows for your hips, pelvis & spine to stay in alignment.

According to Raymond J. Hah, MD, a spine surgeon at Keck Medicine of USC and an assistant professor of clinical orthopaedic surgery:

sleeping on your stomach is the worst place for your spine. This position places the most strain on the muscles and joints of your spine because it flattens your spine’s natural curve. Sleeping on your stomach also forces you to turn your neck, causing neck & back problems.

 Choosing the right equipment for the best sleeping position

Shopping for a good quality mattress is a tricky task as part of finding the best sleeping position. There is so much choice and some of the options are mind boggling. It is difficult to know what would best fit you with so many variations in form, firmness and filling materials. Experts suggest that we should be replacing a mattress every seven years.

Always try before you buy where possible, always ensure that the firmness of your mattress is sufficient for you. On top of this we need to bear in mind our preferred sleeping positions before purchasing. If for example you prefer to sleep on your side, you may want to look into mattress’ which are of a medium and soft feel.

This will allow to contour to your body’s natural curve & keep the spine alignment while providing maximum comfort. People who preferably sleep on their back may want to look into mattress’ which are medium to very firm. As a back sleeper, you’ll need more support for your back as compared to side sleepers. That’s why medium to very firm are ideal as it provides the relevant support & alignment you need.

Best Pillow for Sleeping?

Here at 1stMobility, we are often asked, which is the best pillow for me? It’s always a tough one as there’s many issues and variable to consider when thinking about the best sleeping position. Just note the correct pillow/ mattress will help you to determine your best sleeping position. When it comes to pillows, you want start thinking about the alignment of your neck as well as your shoulders and spine (after all, our heads and necks spend many hours every night on a pillow) which is why choosing the right one is healthy.

For a front sleeper, the face pillow is ideal. The tailored depth and sloped sides of the pillow reduce neck pain associated with front sleeping whilst still allowing you to breathe.

Research suggests that a poor quality pillow which is not developed properly for your neck and spine curvature can cause more harm than good. The self adjusting pillow adjusts to your best sleeping position.

It helps to maintain a straight spine. Alternatively, a memory foam wave pillow is considered a ground-breaking discovery with the added comfort & benefits it brings to the neck & spine. It cradles your head & neck for optimum comfort. All in all, the right pillow for one person may not necessarily be the right pillow for another. It’s about finding the correct balance when it comes to sleeping positions and conditions.

We hope you enjoyed the read on this weeks blog about the best sleeping position & find the information useful. If you have any questions or would like to know more about this weeks discussion, please do contact us.





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