Top 5 Best Living Aids for the Elderly in Spring

In todays blog post we look at the Best Living Aids for the Elderly. To celebrate the easing of lockdown restrictions and the movement towards sunnier weather we are hoping to to give you a chance to win either one of the 5 living aids of your choice.

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As we transition from the gloomy, wet and dull winter nights to the sunny, warm and vibrant spring mood, we at 1stMobility want to focus on essential mobility aids to consider for this period in the year. The spring season is always a great season and as we slowly ease out of lockdown, we want to help and support the elderly in every possible way we can.

We understand the value elderly people have given and brought to our communities, and we’d like to give back to those who matter to us the most. Hence why In this weeks blog, we have a particular focus on the top 5 best living aids to gear up for spring. Be sure to stay tuned as we will be doing a giveaway.

1 – Best Living Aids for the Elderly

At number 1 for Best Living Aids for the Elderly we feature the Uniwa V708 Mobile phone. This particular mobile phone holds a dual sim card with Bluetooth functionality and is ideal for a lot of elderly folks who struggle with a visual impairment. It is a simple and easy to use mobile with many added accessories and features to assist with seniors who aren’t very tech savvy. The phone itself comes with a charging cradle, providing a simple solution without having to mess around with chargers and wires.

What makes this phone such a great choice?

Practical and Smart  –  For many of our customers a new phone can be confusing and a bit of a minefield. Many of our customers suffer from age-related health conditions like arthritismemory loss and poor eyesight which make the process of navigating a smartphone difficult. Thus, it’s important to get your elderly relative a phone that is accessible and easy to use.

 Big Button Phones – Unlike maybe 10-15 years ago many new phones do not come with buttons! Many older relatives and elderly citizens find a button-based system intuitive and easier to use. Small button phones can be tricky to use. Thus, this phone in situations like this can be a good option.

2 – Best Living Aids for the Elderly

At number 2 Best Living Aids for the Elderly we have the lower back heat pad kit. This amazing product was produced with back care at the forefront of its design. The heat pad kit itself provides instant heat with just a click of a button and will last around 2 hours before taking the necessary measures to heat it again.

With the unexpected situation of the pandemic, many of us have had to adapt to working from home in which our workspace area isn’t best suited for our backs and could cause strains. With this in mind, the lower back heat pad kit is a great solution in overcoming any injuries sustained in the back this past year. Implementing its use now will have you ready for the Spring/Summer season without experiencing much difficulty in the lower back.

Why the lower back heat pad kit?

As part of the heat pad kit, good heat therapy is an important treatment for the relief of back pain. It has been proved by various research that it can improve circulation and enable joints and muscles to travel with nutrients and oxygen. This circulation helps heal muscles that are weakened, relieves inflammation and improves stiffness off the back.

3 – Best Living Aids for the Elderly

The Mobility car handle firmly holds its place at number 3 as a Best Living Aids for the Elderly

Providing a steady and stable grip when getting in and out of your car, the mobility car handle is a must have accessory for those people who value their independence and mobility. The car is an essential tool for modern life and crucial to keep our social circles going.

In 2013 there were 4 Million drivers over the age of 65. Age should not be a barrier in mobility. Hence this tool helps those people who have stiff muscles, trouble twisting or stiff joints this could be ideal in helping you get into and out of your vehicle.

What makes the car handle so handy?

The car handle itself is made up of high grade aluminium/carbon steel/ABS with a rubber grip. It has 4 key functions and a built in LED clip light to further assist. We like to call this the swiss army knife of car mobility with its window smashing tool for cases of emergency. Originally being designed as a car handle, this product goes above and beyond for the user to benefit in every aspect. Definitely one to consider for the spring season.

4 – Best Living Aids for the Elderly

We welcome the ergonomic garden hand cultivator at number 4 as part of our Best Living Aids for the Elderly.

By keeping your hand and wrist at a natural angle, the ergonomic garden hand cultivator eliminates the strains and blisters that can be caused by conventional style garden tools.

What are the benefits?

With this Best Living Aids for the Elderly product the spring gardening will become convenient and easy with this tool at your disposal. It is an easy grip tool which is bound to add value without any aches or pain associated with gardening. It makes weeding and loosening the surface of your soil easier & more comfortable. If you have a passion for gardening, yet struggle to grip tools or have limited dexterity within your wrists, this is the ideal product for you.

5 – Best Living Aids for the Elderly

At number 5 for the Best Living Aids for the Elderly we have the seat belt helper/extender. A great addition to the mobility car handle mentioned above. This particular product is suitable for drivers or passengers with weakened wrist or limited dexterity.

For spring this year, the great outdoors is something we all want to visit. Motability vehicles will be the mode of transport for many so why not travel with ease and comfort?

It is also an effective tool for individuals who suffer from stiffness in the backneckshoulder or hips.

This clever personal aid reduces the need for twisting and stretching. Ideal for people with restricted movement, sore backs or shoulders, the Seat Belt Helper will fit on both left and right-hand seat belts so can be used for drivers and passengers alike.

That is it for this weeks blog on Best Living Aids for the Elderly. We hope you enjoyed our 5 featured living aids for spring. If you have any questions or would like to know more about any of the 5 featured products above, please contact us.

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