Universal Knob Turner


  • Helps turn dials on household appliances and can be used to turn door knobs
  • Ergonomic shaped handle
  • Ideal for users with a weakened grip
  • Lightweight
  • Small enough to fit in a cutlery draw

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This easy-to-use kitchen aid has been cleverly designed to enable you to quickly turn dials on a range of household appliances such as washing machines, cookers, tumble dryers etc. An easy to use product, multiple applications in just one compact product.

This handy little tool is ideal for users with a weakened grip or limited dexterity. The Universal Knob Turner features an ergonomically shaped handle and flexible nodules on the tip that help grip on to door knobs and dials from household appliances.

What is a knob turner?

A knob turner is designed for those individuals who struggle to turn the knob on their door due to weakened wrist actions and frail hands. If you suffer from arthritis or just generally have limited mobility in your hand area, the universal knob turner will help assist and make life easier.

With this specific product, it isn’t just a knob turner for  the doors but could be used for a variety of purposes such as stoves, washing machines, tumble dryers etc. Anything that requires you turn turn your wrist, this product will assist.

Please view this short video for a review on the universal knob turner

Universal Knob Turner Additional Details

  • Product Dimensions (mm): 130x55x115
  • Net weight (kg): 0.09
  • Colour: Black

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