Urine Leg Bag Straps (10 Pack)


  • Pack of 10
  • Made from Elastic breathable Nylon
  • Urinary leg bag straps
  • stretches from 42cm – 65cm in length
  • Made in the UK

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These Urine Leg Bag Straps are designed to help hold your catheter leg bag securely in place. Provides a comfortable support which gives the user freedom of movement.

These straps come in packs of 10. A good size

These are reusable leg straps which ensure a firm grip to the skin without slipping, even when the urine bag is full.

How to attach the urinary leg bag straps

The leg bag straps for catheter is very easy to strap to your leg. It has a hook and look function so you can place on the part of the leg where it is most comfortable. You then hook through and loop around the leg. Tighten to your personal specification.

Urine leg bag straps Additional Details

  • Pack Size: 5 Pairs (10 individual leg straps)
  • Product Size & Dimensions: Each strap stretches from 42cm – 65cm length. With a 2.5cm depth.
  • Fastening Technique: Hook & Loop
  • Colour: White
  • Material: High Elastic breathable Nylon with import rubber. It can be expanded and contracted with durability.
  • Leg bag straps for catheter

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